With our social and moral responsibility of saving OUR EARTH and preserving our environment Ora Infini was started with a mission and a vision to become a centre for mutual learning, sharing and knowledge building, striving for safety of mother earth planet, clean environment, social security and economic security to all.

Ora Infini is pioneered by a group of professional who have joined hands to contribute toward our social and moral responsibility of saving “OUR EARTH” and preserving our environment. Our technical team is busy developing energy efficient and renewable energy products to suite the pocket and requirement of all. We aim to illuminate the hut of poor man with the solar LED lantern and on the other hand running a huge industrial setup on solar power plant.

We had developed a wide range of products and till date busy developing more.


To generate awareness of energy conservation by use of energy efficient products with the mission to save the only Blue planet of the Solar System- “OUR EARTH”


Within the upcoming years Orainfini plans to become a premier provider of renewable energy and energy efficient products that will contribute a significant decrease of the world’s dependence on fossil fuels


To provide high quality cost efficient and innovative solutions based on latest technology.

Focussed On Future Technology

Welcome to the world of Ora infini.

Meet the Team

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